Today, we are diving deep into the dark world of sexual narcissism, unraveling the manipulative tactics they use to lure their partners in, and the emotional turmoil they leave behind. We’ll be addressing some alarming behaviors, including love bombing, a technique where narcissists shower their partners with affection and attention, only to later use it against them.

We’ll also be delving into the unsettling phenomenon of how narcissists groom their partners exploiting vulnerabilities and gradually asserting control (like a cult leader!)

One of the most insidious techniques is gaslighting, where they distort reality to make their victims doubt their own sanity and perception of events. It’s a psychological nightmare that often leaves people questioning their own reality.

You’ve heard me talk about Don Draper from *Mad Men* or Regina George from *Mean Girls*. They’re fictional, yet they embody traits of real-life narcissists. We’ll be drawing parallels, discussing why narcissists employ these tactics, and revealing the shocking similarities between these fictional characters and the narcissists we encounter in our lives. And you can count along as we provide the 11 most common behaviors narcissists do to woo you, bed you, and keep you. (How many points did you get?)

The big question we’re asking: have you ever slept with a narcissist?
Don’t worry; you’re not alone.