Hey Sexy Listeners,

Hope you’re ready to embark on another tantalizing adventure with us because today’s episode of the SEX Podcast is a game-changer! We’re diving deep into the world of the C Spot, and trust us, it’s not what you might think!

Is it the Cervix? The Clitoris? Or something entirely new that’ll make you say, “Wow!” We’re breaking it all down.

But here’s the big question: Should you be pursuing these pleasure spots like you’re on an Indiana Jones expedition? Or is it safer to stick to the familiar backyard? Or front yard 😉

Join us as we explore where it is, what it is, and most importantly, how to ignite it! We’re even throwing in some exciting positions to get you there faster!
This episode is all about expanding your pleasure horizons, so don’t miss it.

Tune in now and let’s embark on this electrifying journey together!

Stay Sexy,
Dr B