Nipples, nipples everywhere: everybody has ‘em and we know they serve a physiological purpose. However, it turns out these little nubs have a spicier side, too!

Done right, nipple play can be more than foreplay. In fact, it’s possible to have a full blown ORGASM from tantalizing our tatas. 

The question is, how do we do it right, and what has to happen for Lady Nipplegasm to make an appearance?

In this episode, I’m sharing my top tips to get your tips their fix!



Nipple play is a really great, safe way to unleash the inner sexy you’ve been working towards. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


  • How nipple play helps us get better at communication
  • A fascinating titbit on the links between nipples and the clitoris
  • 1 surprising fact about MEN and nipple play
  • The #1 thing to AVOID during nipple stimulation (seriously!)