How do we normalize the nuisance that is hair loss, and find solutions to get the hair we all long for and deserve? 

In today’s episode, the first of a two-episode series, we’re going to talk about an issue that affects all kinds of women, why the heck we lose our hair, and strategies and treatments we can explore. 

Let’s face it, our culture views long, luscious locks as beautiful and sexy, and we just don’t hear enough about hair loss and the millions of women it affects. Ladies, it’s time to de-stigmatize this issue and take action. 



“Let’s normalize hair loss so it’s not this deep, dirty secret.” -Heather Bartos


You’ll learn all about ;

  • What causes hair loss and how it can affect the way we feel about ourselves  
  • How extensions, hormones, and products can help us get the hair we were meant to have but got screwed out of 
  • Why women need to lean on and support each other through the harrowing process of hair loss 

There’s no need to be embarrassed about losing your hair, trust me there are solutions that can help. Let’s dive into this episode!