Ladies, let’s get real… Sometimes our bodies do (completely normal human) things that we reeeaaaally wish they didn’t. Amiright?!

In the last episode we talked about fisheye boobs, weenuses, smells, how gravity can be oh so unkind — pssst… if you haven’t listened to episode 9: How To Feel Sexy When You Just Simply Don’t hit pause and go do that now. I’ll wait…


Today we’re diving into another issue that often kills a woman’s confidence in the bedroom and that’s what I like to call eruptions.

What exactly are eruptions?! 

You know, those loud stinky occurrences that mortify us all.

But should they? And is there anything you can do to diffuse (pun intended) the air when they happen?


Listen in to find out!



I’ll answer these common questions…

-Why do women care so much about their appearance?

-What are some examples of “eruptions” in bed?

-What causes queefs? 

-What causes burps and farts?

-What should I do if I fart during sex?


“The reason we care about our appearance is because historically, looks were more consequential for women due to the need to populate the species.”


You will learn…

-Why women fart, burp, and queef and how to handle it when they happen in bed with your partner

-What your partner thinks about your bodily eruptions

-About empathy neglect

-Your self-care mantra


Grab these takeaways…

  1. A  sexual selection altered female proportions to make them more youthful looking. 
  2. If eruptions happen during sex, just laugh with your partner. They probably will not care and they love humor.
  3. He’ll appreciate knowing that you’ll give him grace when he farts too.


Your next best steps…

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