Hey hey my little cock a doodle doos…

Put a ring on it. I mean I had to, right?

Today’s topic is the Wonderful World of Cock Rings, aka penis rings (also called a C ring, erection ring, penis ring, shaft ring, tension ring, or Arab strap. And in the sex toy world, these are the unsung heroes, the cat’s meow, the tits, if you will (although nipple clamps can be another episode for another week).

Today we are going to bust a nut on those myths that cock rings are only for worn out old penises that need some zhuzh.

That’s a load of country crotch.

A cock ring or cockring) is a ring worn around the penis, usually at the base. You see, cock rings aren’t just d**k jewelry worn simply for aesthetics—although we guess they could be.

Instead, they have multiple functions that work to give your sex life a lil boost, both for those with penises and their partners.

If you’re new to cock rings allow moi to explain what makes ’em so great, both for sex toy newbies and old pros alike.

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One ring to rule them all: Put a damn ring on your dude bits.