The Justice League. Fantastic Four. The Guardians of the Galaxy. The Ya-Ya Sisterhood. All true superheroes have a posse and we want you to join ours!

Below are some of our fellow health heroes working to make the world a healthier place. Feel free to click on their links to learn more about how they take your health to the next level!

be. Women’s Health & Wellness

This is Dr. Bartos’ women’s health village, where we focus on the mind-body connection through onsite yoga and meditation classes, plus taking care of women (and their entire families!) both physically and emotionally. Some of our groundbreaking Mindset Medicine work started in this very clinic!

The Brainy Babe

Megan Winkler is a tribal leader in the meditation world! For those of you who are interested in meditation based on science, check out Megan’s work. She has helped men and women of all ages overcome mind blocks via her work in workshops and in individual sessions.

Earth to Kathy

Kathy Sadowski is a licensed massage therapist and has a master’s degree in aromatherapy. She has compiled this entire catalog of the science behind the French-based medical treatment. She doesn’t sell it, she just studies it (and she’s good at it!).

Yoga with Kathy

Kathy Phillips teaches in the most down-to-earth way imaginable, on and off the matt. She loves wine, yoga, and friendship. Her passion is supporting mature women as they rediscover their inner beauty and reclaim their sexuality through movement and yoga.

These women aren’t here to sell you expensive products or courses. These superwomen are the best in their fields, and want to pass on their expansive knowledge so you can have abundant health and project your inner superhero!

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