Doctor Bartos had a barn


and in this barn there was some shi*…poop



Did I ever mention that I have a barn?

I have two horses.

AND I have a donkey named Eleanor who prefers to be called Ellie (don’t ask me how I know that, I just do. Donkeys are very opinionated, especially at 4 in the morning).


And as such…we have a shitload of…dookie.


Cow pies are nothin’ round here

Cuz’ there are pony poo pellets all over the place!!!


Our barn has a concrete floor.

One of my horses—Luna– likes to break in and scavenge for…anything. She’s got a bit of a love for eating.  She is my equine soul sister.


But did I mention the concrete floor?

Recently, I cleaned the entire barn.  I mean, it looked like it should be in Barn magazine, like Vogue but for barns.  Is that a thing?


But little did I know that while I was sweeping the pony patties out the South door, Luna & company, including little Ellie, had broken into the North door.  As I was jamming with my air pods in to some Lizzo, not paying attention to what was happening…


They decided to knock over some horse treats, push over the water buckets and then all three took a massive poo poo all over the freshly cleaned floor.




Does it ever feel like that happens to you?  I know sometimes I get my shit in order (pun intended) just to find that behind me is a new shitstorm coming at me (again, pun intended).


Entropy is the lack of order or predictability, a gradual decline into disorder.  I used to use this excuse as to why my room was never clean when I was a kid, “But Mooooommmmmm, it’s ENNNTTtropyyyy” (just add some whiny teenage angst there and you get the picture).


Entropy is a real phenomenon.  And she ain’t no joke. The more disordered something is, the more entropic we consider it. In short, we can define entropy as a measure of the disorder of the universe, on both a macro and a microscopic level. The Greek root of the word translates to “a turning towards transformation” — with that transformation being chaos.


Wait, now you’re thinking…first we were talking about horse poo, now we’re talking about the universe!????  How did that happen?


Well, my love…shit happens.

So don’t sweat it.


Blame entropy 😉



Dr. B

I guess sometimes I can be a jackass 😉 don’t tell my hubs. Deal?