So you’ve just done the deed and instead of experiencing that oh-so-delightful post-coital bliss, it feels like an army of firepants have just invaded your nether regions. Post-sex irritation is a mood killer for sure, and this holiday season, may it not be a guest in your bedroom.

What causes this bitch of an after-effect? Are there ways to mitigate and prevent it? In this episode, we’re talking about banishing post-sex irritation, and putting out the fire so we can experience our pleasure in peace.

Irritation after sex is very common and there can be a variety of reasons for it – the truth is your cooch is the happy place for a lot of irritants. -Heather Bartos 

You’ll also learn; 

  • Why many irritants love getting cozy in your coochie 
  • The itch-inducing products this gynae wants you to stop using yesterday
  • What diaper rash and post-sex irritation have in common