I know you’ve seen them: The 2020 posts. They’re already going up and most of the ones I’ve seen focus on making 2020 your “best year yet”! And while that’s a great goal, it’s pretty lofty if you ask me. I mean…what if 2020 ends up being hard? On Dec. 31 next year are you going to be disappointed? Why not focus on something specific, achievable, and smaller?

Plus, January is littered with articles and posts about new diets, rigorous workout routines, and a lot of negative self-talk. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a little thinner? And the New Year seems like a great “starting over” point, but there’s more to life than your pant size. 

This is our last blog for 2019! So, in an effort to explore what we gals REALLY want in the next decade (!), I started asking my patients and staff about their hopes and dreams for 2020. These are some of my favorite answers and I hope they inspire you for the New Year, too!


“Healthy children so I can save up enough PTO to take a self-care vacation! Also, work on my self-confidence.” – M.R.


“In 2020, I’d like to graduate college and focus on becoming a better version of myself, one that is constantly working to grow and improve, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.” – S.S.


“A consistent yoga practice is definitely on my goal list for 2020 — it makes me feel so good and keeps those morning aches and pains away.” – M.W.


“I want to focus on taking some more time for myself each week. I’m over being tired all the time!” – A.T.


“I’d like to get pregnant in 2020. We’ve been trying for a little while and can’t wait for our family of two to become three…or more!” – R.S.


“I’m really, really going to try and not say ‘I’m sorry’ so often. It’s my default response sometimes and irritates even me! I don’t have to be sorry all the time!!!” – K.L.


“To get through the last year of high school with my teen without killing them! Kidding. Mostly.” – P.B.


“In 2020, I’m going to try really hard to stop putting so many things on my to-do list.” – J.T.


“I want to work on my spiritual growth. Maybe I’ll go to the goddess circle meetups I’ve been eyeing all 2019. It’s time for me to focus on myself.” – E.S.


“I’m gonna run a marathon! I’ve always wanted to try but I’ve been putting it off. So, 2020 is the year for me. Wish me luck!” – C.C.


“To be my healthiest self! I also just threw away my scale.” – M.B. 


“I want a more balanced life in 2020.” – K.R.


“The habit I want to break in 2020 is defaulting to a passive voice. I tend to give in to other people to keep the peace, but I want to practice speaking up for myself better.” – H.M.


Notice that NO woman said she wanted to be thinner, or get plastic surgery, or wear a size 4, or become a Kardashian.  


Ladies, we all want something deeper and more meaningful! And we can achieve it!

What’s your goal, hope, or vision for 2020? Share them with me here or on my Facebook page!  


And before I sign off for 2019, I just want to say: You are BADASS!! Thank you for making my days better and showing up for your own health…It’s been awesome to receive your messages and comments about this blog. I can’t wait to be back next year with more live video series and fun new topics on how you can make badass health yours!


Much love and health to you, my sisters!

Dr. B

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