When you hear the words ‘sex furniture’, you probably imagine a surgical-looking contraption that would fit nicely in Christian Grey’s Red Room. You would be surprised to find that an item designated for intimacy can actually look like something you’d pick up at a West Elm or an Ikea.

If you’re tired of getting splinters in your back or lube in your favorite decorative pillows, a piece of sex furniture should be on your naughty wishlist this Christmas.

What is sex furniture and what is it for? In this episode, I’m kicking off this year’s gifting guide talking about furniture built for a sexy purpose.

When you implement furniture that’s built just for sex into your living spaces, you’re creating something safe, durable but also a sanctuary for intimacy. -Heather Bartos 

You’ll also learn;  

  • The 4 categories of sex furniture 
  • How a cute pillow gained a sexy after-hours reputation 
  • How to buy your first piece of sex furniture