Giirrrl, do you yoga?

Is your Asana on pointe?

Does the site of a Yoga mat make your chakra tingle with excitement?

Namaste all day, every day!

If you are one of those ladies shaking her head – I get it – Yoga isn’t for everyone!

Now, I KNOW that yoga has a lot of mental calming and physical balancing benefits but I don’t have 90 dang minutes to align myself and all that soothing talk puts me to sleep on the mat. If sleeping is a form of yoga, I can do that at home on my 6-inch gel mattress, for free, and not on a sweaty, footprint covered floor with a 2-millimeter foam mat that may or may not be covered in ringworm fungus and smell like a cheese factory. ( sidenote – I think I need to wash my mat)

What I AM a huge fan of is turning off my brain and working out my body at the same time.

You know, breaking a sweat, stretching the old hammies, and going on a mental vacation for 15 to 20 minutes at the same time.  Kinda like, no, EXACTLY like when I have a good romp in the hay!

I know a lot of my readers aren’t fanatical yoga people!  Maybe you take a religious objection to it, are afraid of passing gas in downward dog (a real and abiding problem), or maybe you don’t want to squeeze into a pair of million-dollar Lululemon pants- whatever your reason– you can enjoy 3 physical yoga benefits right from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own bedroom.

For Real!

Example, yoga releases endorphins. Sex releases endorphins. So, sex is yoga? Maybe not, but here are a few benefits that sex and yoga have in common.

Sex increases your libido. Surprisingly, the more sex you have the more sex you want to have. Yoga can also increase your libido through improving blood flow to your unmentionable regions.

Sex also reduces pain. Yoga and sex both cause the release of feel-good endorphins which can cure common achy ailments – so next time you want to pop some aspirin for a headache, try a quickie – it  might have the same effect in less time.

Sex improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure and decreases your risk of heart attacks – just like yoga!

Sex reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, just like yoga. So when you feel like blowing your top you can hhhmmmpphh hmmmppphh  instead!

I could probably go all night about the benefits of sex compared to yoga, but the short and sweet of it is – both can be really good for you if you practice them REGULARLY! One benefit sex has over yoga is the bonding that occurs between partners. Heck, you can get the best of both worlds. Take a page out of Sting’s playbook and opt for Tantric Yoga. I’m sure your new exercise routine will get no objections from your significant other either!