From home gyms and home offices – people are constantly finding ways to make their homes fit their needs. Well, what if we could dedicate some square footage to our carnal needs, too?

Imagine having a room designated and decorated for your naughty extracurricular activities – HGTV meets OnlyFans, if you will.

How would you go about this process? Can a sensual space be achieved by a gal on a budget? In this episode, I’m talking about sex rooms and why it might just be the hottest home renovation project yet!

If you’re not a Hollywood star or someone on a reality show, can you afford to do a sex room? In truth, you can do it really inexpensively. -Heather Bartos  

You’ll also learn; 

  • How to use Pinterest to inspire your hanky panky room 
  • Creative sex room and furniture ideas for a tight budget  
  • What Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward knew long before we did