Even though we don’t like to talk about it, erectile dysfunction is a very common issue A LOT of men face. Heck even Hugh Hefner, who was surrounded by a bunch of sexy bunnies had to deal with it.

ED doesn’t just affect one person’s member, it can really screw with the sexy of the other partner. We’ve all seen the picture before – woman in bed, arms crossed, full resting bitch face, cut to her man sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands.

Though dramatic, this depiction is a common experience in countless bedrooms across the world, but there’s good news – we can deal with ED in a positive and delicate way so that your relationship can thrive through it.

So what do we do if ED is making our sexy well…hard? In this episode, I’m continuing the “Sex With…” series talking about erectile dysfunction.

If you’re a man who is struggling with erectile dysfunction, it can be tough to find the words to talk about it with your partner. Somehow admitting that you have erectile issues can make you feel less manly or even old, but those are just thoughts society has fed you. -Heather Bartos

You’ll also learn;

  • How to discuss ED without hurting feelings 
  • Why I’m actually not a big fan of couples counseling for ED
  • How to promote sexy without piling on the pressure to “perform”