I remember several years ago watching the HBO aka Max show Westworld, about a world with very human like robots that were used for cosplay, violence and sex. Basically, it was a playground for rich men to act out their very feral fantasies.

And then it all goes horribly wrong.

The Westworld robots revolt. They start to think for themselves. Chaos ensues.
And it freaked my S**T out.

Look at the other Hollywood-isms–freaky doll M3GAN which starts killing people. Because she goes rogue. And who can forget The Terminator–these are robots–that have gone… again. ROGUE. Is there a pattern here???

Now imagine bringing one home to your bedroom. Sure, I understand the general allure of a sex robot–or sexbot–and we talked about AI in general in the adult space last episode.

A sexbot is a companion, it’s someone that you can play with, nurture, GROOM. She is there for you whenever you need her…and it’s now a $200 million industry.

But what connection can truly be perfected with a doll?
With a computer chip in her silicone head?

We’re continuing on down the line discussing the hows, the legal, moral and other data…that involve the world sexbots.