Imagine this… 

You’re going at it in the bedroom when all of the sudden with no warning whatsoever, your body lets out a loud and very stinky noise. What do you do?!

If your immediate reaction is to curl up into a ball and wish you were dead, I feel you! 

But is this really the best response?!


I’m here to tell you that EVERYONE experiences embarrassing moments in the bedroom but they DON’T have to ruin your fun!


Tune in to this episode for simple and effective ways to counteract embarrassment, a different type of role playing that can help you get past awkward moments, and how to feel sexy despite unwelcome noises. 

You can thank me later!



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-How do I avoid being embarrassed in the bedroom during sex?

-What do I do if I queef or pass gas during sex?

-What is empathy neglect in relation to embarrassment?

-Does my partner care if I fart in bed during sex?

-What do men think is the least sexy part of a woman?


“Don’t think you have to be a “goddess” or perfect to be desirable. Embracing yourself as you are and being real is what’s REALLY sexy!”


You will learn…

-The best cure for embarrassment during sex.

-How to roleplay in a way that diffuses awkward moments.

-How to not feel embarrassed in the bedroom when things go awry.  

-Simple and effective ways to counteract embarrassment. 

-What part of the brain governs embarrassment and where it’s located.

-What happens biologically in your body when you experience embarrassment.

-How to overcome empathy neglect. 


Remember these takeaways…

  1. Breaking wind in bed doesn’t have to break your stride, Sister! Laugh it off and he’ll appreciate your realness.
  2. In a world where we’re all struggling with pressure to be perfect, just be yourself. Men (and women) are drawn to women who are real, even during awkward moments.
  3. Trying to avoid embarrassment only makes things worse. Give yourself a break when embarrassing things happen. NEWSFLASH: You’re human!
  4. The only thing we can control in embarrassing situations is our reaction to them. Remember… everyone gets embarrassed so be kind to yourself and laugh it off when you do.


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