When we hear about celebrities having tantric sex (um, hello, Tom Hanks!) our minds tend to go straight to one understanding of what that means: 72 hours of wild, uninhibited, no-bathroom-breaks passion…but what if we’ve got that all wrong?


The truth is, tantra is about way more than ‘just’ sex, and by understanding it in such narrow terms, we’re really only missing out on something way deeper and more beautiful. 


So, what is tantric sex? More importantly, how can we start getting some of that?


In this episode, I’m talking tantra and the beauty of full-bodied intimacy. 



Here’s my challenge to you: try out some new things. You might find out that they’re not for you, but nothing is bad. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to practice tantra without a partner
  • 1 thing yoga and tantra have in common (and I’m not talking about next-level flexibility, here)
  • The key to a bigger, BETTER orgasm