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I freakin’ love bringing my message of badass health (and my nearly 20 years of medical experience) to badass women all over the world;

speaking at conferences, workshops, retreats, summits, high schools, universities, women’s groups, and so much more.

When I take the stage, you won’t get your typical formal, fussy “women’s health” talk, either.

I create a non-judgmental space to get right into the real stuff — with vulnerable (and often hilarious) personal stories, off-the-wall audience interaction, and actionables like worksheets, prompts, and more.

Full disclosure: I won’t stand behind a podium and read from an over-rehearsed script, and I’d rather rock jeans and Chuck Taylors than a pantsuit. So if that’s your vibe too, we’ll get along great.

Side effects may include:

Laughter. A crazy engaged room. New discoveries. Ah-ha’s. Inspirational quotes jotted down to post on walls. Action steps. Self-love. Empowerment.

Healthier, happier, more badass women everywhere.

I dig riffing on anything and everything women’s health-related—especially the tough stuff—including…

Sex & Sexuality

Empowering Self-Care

Traditional Medicine meets Natural Wellness

Mind/Body Wellness


How to be Your Own
Health Advocate

Mindful Fertility

...and more!

Here are a few of my
current favorite keynotes:

Inner-course™ (Signature Talk and Course)

Your biggest sex organ? Your brain! Learn how to harness its awesome power to help you reconnect with your most fantastically sexy—and satisfied—self ever.

Badass Women. Badass Health

See beyond the F.O.G. of deductibles, copays, and prescriptions and ensure that you live—and genuinely enjoy—your healthiest life.

From Struggle to Superwoman

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s all about finding your inner strength, and using biology to your advantage. Look, it doesn’t even involve egg whites or 72 hours of exercise a week!

Badass Girls, Badass Health:

This is an option for high school or college students to talk about the birds & the bees—new-age sexuality, sexual health, navigating consent, and STD’s.

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