Hey hey my hotties…

I hope you’re ready to stand up for sexy.

Continuing on with our position-palooza, we’ve gone over doggy, cowgirl, missionary, speed bump and the uber-sexy lotus. We’ve been prone or in a sitting position for all of these…until now.

Warning: some of these are hella fun and ADVANCED (I should probably put some safety notice here as a physician, but I’ll let you judge for yourself)

Standing sex positions can come in handy for all sorts of situations. You want to change things up in the bedroom; that gotta-have-you-now feeling strikes, or you just want to get it on while prepping dinner (I know a woman whose husband was always mega turned on but her peeling zucchini at the kitchen sink: best sex ever, she claimed. Hey…do you!).

Most any position we’ve already discussed can be done standing up–doggy can be done in the shower or against a wall. Missionary can be done upright as well. Those are classics with a twist. But what are some positions that solely exist in the upright state? That’s what we’re gonna break down.

Standing Up 4 SEX: give your bed a break already!

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