Often misconstrued, Yoni massage is an integral part of the tantric practice, and it ain’t what you think it is. Cringey porn skits aside, this sensual massage involves more than just physical touch. It incorporates deep breathing, yoga, and meditation to harness and elevate sexual energy. Importantly, Yoni massage is not solely erotic and, in many instances, is entirely non-sexual.

Why would you want to have a Yoni massage? Well, the primary goal of Yoni massage is to foster a profound connection with your own body. It serves as a gateway to self-awareness, allowing individuals to explore their desires and pleasures WITHOUT the external pressure of pleasing a partner. The focus is exclusively on your body and the sensations it experiences.

It can help release sexual trauma, improve partner relationships (or with self), release your inner goddess strength and re-connect the mind-body-sexuality link (you didn’t think the vagina was sitting down where there isolated from the rest of you, did ya?)

Yoni massage provides a unique opportunity to explore your innermost desires, leading to a heightened sense of well-being.

In this episode, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Yoni massage, exploring its origins, demystifying misconceptions, and sharing personal stories from those who have embarked on this transformative journey. We’ll also talk about how to do one at home, or how to find a therapist who can help take you on that journey!

Get ready to embark on a sensual and spiritual exploration like no other, gals!