How do you unlock badass health ownership, and stop letting “I can’t” damage your health? 

In this episode, you’re going to learn all about a brilliant technique that will help you solve just about any problem in your life. When it comes to taking care of our health, the issues run so much deeper than the problems you see and experience on the surface. 

This model will help you drill down, uncover and solve the barriers keeping you from taking empowerment of yourself and your health. 

You’re going to learn about the 5 why model, and how to use it to effectively assess a health problem, and solve it at its core. 



“When a problem occurs, drill it down to its root cause by asking why 5 times, then when the countermeasure becomes apparent, follow it through to prevent the issue from recurring. -Heather Bartos”


You’ll also learn about; 

  • How your soul’s protective bubble wrap can be damaging to your health and how to honestly assess the payoff of certain actions. 
  • How to get your excuses in check by getting real with yourself and changing one word in your vocabulary. 
  • Why your doctor was set up for failure and how to become your own patient agent.