Depending on who you ask, dirty talk is a deeply unpleasant form of mental torture, or it’s a sizzling turn on that makes a sexcapade so much better. 

Well, here’s the sauce sis, dirty talk fires up our brains in a similar way to actual sex – heck, some people can even orgasm from it! 

A moan here, and a well-placed expletive there can really give you a bigger bang for your buck, but let’s face it, saying those words can be so nerve racking. 

So how do we learn to talk dirty without wanting to die of embarrassment? In this episode, I’m gonna talk about how to safely wade in the dirty water and why it can be a worthwhile trip. 



Research has shown that provocative conversations have the ability to seriously ramp up the sexy sizzle in the bedroom. -Heather Bartos  


Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How to experiment with provocative conversation without completely demolishing the mood 
  • Why dirty talk can make your solo sessions even hotter 
  • The simplest form of dirty talk that turns people on the most
  • How to introduce dirty talk without getting out of your body