In traditional, heteronormative relationships, the idea of a man delightfully encouraging his wife to take lovers is damn near blasphemous, but the practice of hot wifing is actually a thing.

Hot wifing prioritizes the sexual freedom and voraciousness of a woman, and instead of feeling insecure about it, the man finds it really arousing.

Does this kink benefit both partners and what are the rules? In this episode, I’m digging into the intriguing topic of the hot wife kink and why some couples explore it.



Hot wifing is solely for the woman’s sexual freedom, it prioritizes that as a key component of her partner’s pleasure. -Heather Bartos  


You’ll also learn; 

  • How hot wifing can actually heighten intimacy and trust
  • What makes some men find massive arousal in their partner’s infidelity 
  • Why hot wifing is NOT, NOT, NOT a post-infidelity excuse