“The List”…you’ve probably heard about it, talked about it or even fantasized about it. It’s your freebie list of 5 people for a rendezvous, fling or encounter. 

Male, female, non-binary, old, young, whatever –  if you were to meet anyone on this list, it would be on, no guilt, no take backs, no explanations. 

Maybe you fancy the Duke of Hastings himself, or you would love to hang out with Paul Rudd (I know I do), this list is yours. It’s fodder for you to daydream and amplify your inner sexy. Embrace it, enjoy it, create it. 

What does “The List” reveal about us, and how can we use it to explore our fantasies, and even learn more about our partners? In this episode, we’re going to talk about a fun list building activity you have to try. 


“The List” is a tool we often use in jest or in play to really let ourselves explore what we’re looking for in a rendezvous, a partner, or an encounter. -Heather Bartos


We’re going to get into;

  • How to have a fun conversation about the list with your partner without getting mad about who they choose 
  • Why the list doesn’t just have to be about sex 
  • The power of daydreaming