Yeah, you read that right. The Nipplegasm is a real thing. The G-Spot may be a myth (hasn’t been found yet and it’s not for lack of trying) but your frontal temperature indicators are also great for orgasming and it works on both sexes! Woohoo.

You may already be into boobie play time and that’s great. But the good news is that everyone can have mammary fun because it works just as well on the guys as it does on the ladies!  “How’s that “? You might be wondering. Let me explain.

We all know that our biological sex is determined at conception from the XX or XY chromosomes. Sure, there are some variations, but we are talking about the 6th-grade science textbook version here. At 6 weeks gestation we are nippleless and on the surface look identical.  Then BAM – nipplage!  

Both females and males have mammary tissue behind those nipples but for us lucky ladies that mammary tissue will grow enough to warrant a trip to the lingerie department for an “over the shoulder boulder holder” and the shoulder grooves that will, eventually, form from fighting gravity’s effects on said anatomy. Unless you’re a dude and you got “fun nips” that never sag, in the genetic lottery. Hardly seems fair that the same pleasure inducing nerve endings should be equally distributed under male nipples as female nipples – they are.

This means that while a lady enjoys nipple stimulation during sex, males do too – in equal measure. 93% of males surveyed, recently, said nipple play improved their sexual experience and the other 7% were lying – but, ya know, respect. Lay off the nipples if your partner doesn’t like it.   The nerve stimulation mimics clitoral stimulation in women and prostate stimulation in men. Can’t picture how that works? Visualize a reflexology chart of the foot and you’ll know what I mean – pinky toe stimulates the liver, big toe the brain,  nipple → prostate. You get the picture.

If you or your partner are having difficulty climaxing during sex a “tweak” in your repertoire  (see what I did there) may help push things to completion. Nipple stimulation could also ramp up the orgasm in already highly orgasmic couples. While you might not have a Nipplegasm all by itself – it’s possible though – don’t neglect the nipples! They are more fun than you might have thought.

And P.S. while you’re in the area, ladies, don’t forget to feel for weird lumps or bumps on ya dudes. While only 1% of all breast cancers are detected in males, it’s usually felt as a hard lump under the nipple or areola.  Nipplegasms save lives!