The Simple Life.

No, not the Paris Hilton / Nicole Richie pop-culture NIGHTMARE where two rich girls are dumped into the average American family and “hilarious” antics ensue. It’s your own life, but way less complicated and way, way less STRESSFUL!  Sounds wonderful – right? Ha – we Americans are anything BUT simple. Did you know the average American home is 2200 sq. ft. , second largest in the WORLD – just under those show off Aussies with their whooping 2500 sqft McMansions, 3 tvs per household, and 13th in the world in household debt.  Americans rank low, really low on happiness scales globally, too! We keep buying all this crap to make us happy and the truth is – it’s having the opposite effect!

I personally blame social media for a lot of the newly minted depression and debt in the US today. How can you NOT want a bigger and better house, car, purse, lifestyle…. when you see that idiot from high school living large. You deserve that too, right? You might “deserve it” – who am I to judge? But maybe what you really NEED is a simpler life and the kind of happiness an Instagram photo can never capture. The kind of internal contentedness that can not be bought in bulk at Costco?  The peace that isn’t delivered by UPS in an Amazon box? I really think you’ll like that a WHOLE lot better! Since it was just National Simplify Your Life Week, I thought I would chime in on all the benefits of a pared-down lifestyle. Cause, you know – GOALS! ( I’m not basic Becky yet, but I am trying!)

So how do you GET that kind of zen? 

  1. Get rid of all your extra crap. It’s hard to keep clean, costs a ton of money to maintain and it takes up space in your brain trying to manage. You don’t need it to be happy – you need to dump it to be happy. So let it go. Here’s some tips from our Marie Kondo series about jettisoning the junk.
  2. Pay off your bills. Focus your income on creating a stronger financial position for yourself. Instead of eating at the best restaurants, taking 5 star vacays, and plunking down a quarter of your income on matching Land Rovers – pay off your debt. Debt is one of the leading causes of STRESS. Debt free is the way to be.
  3. Stop the Social Media. If looking at the haves make you feel like a have not – ditch social media. Or put a limit on it. Instagram is one of the more depressing platforms because everything is picture perfect and fake as hell!  Don’t fall for your friends’ personal marketing efforts. Send an email instead!
  4. Assess yourself fairly. Are you jealous of others’ success? Are you really happy working 60 hours a week to keep a Super-Sized Roof over your head. Did that last vacation cause you stress or happiness? How many gifts under the tree are too many. I am not saying to beat yourself up over any of it – but you can’t know where to go if you don’t know where you ARE RIGHT NOW
  5. Find something that brings you joy. Did you used to have a hobby you liked? Can’t seem to make any time for it or anything for yourself any more? By implementing the 4 tips above you are going to find you have a LOT more me time! Reclaim something you loved from the past or find something new.

Living the simple life does not mean getting rid of everything and living off the land. It means culling the junk that causes you stress. Imagine what would life be like for you without that extra crap wagon you are towing around every day – girl, it’s exhausting! Find the degree of simplicity that works for you. Prioritize the important things and work at removing everything else that’s in the way of the simple life. I know you can do it!


P.S. – I am looking for ways to SIMPLIFY this blog and give you more content that you need and want! Let me know in the comments what you would like to see MORE of and even LESS of ( more sex, less sex, more weird stuff girls put up their nether regions). Let me know on Social!