Hysterectomy is an extremely common procedure, and for many women, it can be a liberating one. Let’s face it: if you’re soaking through every pair of pants you own like you’re in Middle School, taking action will drastically improve your quality of life. 


That being said, surgery is surgery, and it’s always important to understand that going under the knife can have a major impact on us down the line – and with a hysterectomy, those implications can affect our sex lives. 


What are those implications, and why are we hearing so little about them? More importantly, what happens if we’ve already had the surgery? 


In this episode, I’m dishing on everything you need to know about sex, post-hysterectomy. 



If you have had a hysterectomy, don’t fret! Sex can still happen, you just may need to re-work it. -Heather Bartos


Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Different types of hysterectomy, and what those procedures entail
  • Who may be more likely to have better sex, post-op
  • The surgery that can shorten your vagina
  • Why patience is NON-NEGOTIABLE after a hysterectomy (as in, don’t even think about it!)