If there’s one word guaranteed to leave most women (and men) feeling uncomfortable, icky, downright scared, and decidedly not sexy, it’s the C-word. Cancer. 


Cancer continues to be the second biggest killer in most developed countries, and every diagnosis, no matter how far along or ‘mild’ it may be, is devastating. 


To make matters worse, when diagnosed, most people are never told about how the illness could affect other parts of their lives – and one area routinely neglected is sex


In this episode, I’m opening a conversation on what sex looks like after cancer, because while not being able to get it on might not be a primary area of concern after diagnosis, it is something we need to talk about. 



You can still be fucking sexy after a cancer diagnosis, but first, you’ve got to feel the pain, the grief and come through it, and in fact, that actually makes you even more sexy. -Heather Bartos


Things We Learned From This Episode

  • How cancer treatment can impact our ability to have sex 
  • The importance of dealing with the emotional baggage cancer gives us 
  • What makes cancer support groups so vital for those going through it
  • How to feel sexy after receiving a diagnosis