Nobody gets into a long-term relationship planning for it to end, but divorce (and breakups, more generally) are a reality, and boy, can they fuck up our sex lives! 


What is it about splitting up that puts our inner sexy into a tailspin? More importantly, how can we recover from the carnage?


Could a breakup actually pave the way for a better sex life than we could ever have imagined? 


In this episode, I’m wrapping up the first season of the ‘Sex After…’ series with a talk on how to navigate sex after divorce. 



Even if you’re happy about a breakup and know it’s for the best, there’s a whole bunch of emotional shmoo shmoo left over from the relationship itself, and you need to deal with it. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Why the divorce stats we’re given are often total BS 
  • When uprooting your life to move to Tuscany post-split is NOT a good idea
  • How to reconnect with yourself after a big breakup