For many new moms, the thought of sex is nonexistent, but often, that mindset continues for months, or even years, and the next thing ya know, we’re in sexless relationships, parenting teenagers. 


It certainly doesn’t help that there are an abundance of bullshit expectations for moms, and having a strong inner sexy is not deemed one of them, making it even harder for many women to get out of a rut. 


So, what’s a mama to do? How can we get back our pre-kids sex lives, and is that even possible?


In this episode, I’m sharing how to reconnect with our inner sexy, even if society tells us we ‘shouldn’t’ (ugh!) be able to. 



Many women come in asking when they can have sex again, post-baby, because their partner wants to know. The actual question to ask is, when do you want to have sex again? -Heather Bartos


Things We Learned From This Episode

  • The one word we need to banish from our sex lives’ vocab, henceforth! 
  • Little ways to reignite intimacy (without having sex)
  • How to sex-proof our homes 
  • What to do if tiredness is the reason we’re holding back from sex
  • Why ‘date night’ is a generic suggestion that doesn’t always help rekindle a relationship