Hey hey my hot dish,

There’s a reason the dish ran away with the spoon.

The spooning sex position is perfect for lazy times, just like Lionel Richie said (“easy like Sunday mornings”). Especially when you want to put those precious few minutes before you gotta get up to good use. But this sex position isn’t only for when you’re too tired to bother with any other. (Do we dare attempt the speed bump before our morning coffee?)

Spooning has gotten a bad rap because it’s thought of as lazy, but that’s simply not true. There are so many great benefits to spooning and all of its variations (like the slotted spoon, the serving spoon and the spork–yeah, I said spork) have pleasures to offer.

***Fun fact: it’s Vermont’s favorite position and top two on the list for bisexual couples.

Since spooning often leads to forking, let’s go over how to make spooning your new go-to position.

P.s. Get ready for next week’s final dismount on the position-palooza series with Position Potpourri (can’t leave out all these little gems).