Adult breastfeeding…now there’s a topic you probably never had on your Me Spot podcast bingo card, and yet here we are…

Yes, erotic lactation is a thing and for many reasons, it’s not quite as strange or niche as you might think. As you read this, there’s a woman in the UK making over $1,200 per hour through this fetish, so clearly a lot of people are interested in adult breastfeeding.

What makes the idea of nursing so enticing? In this episode, we’re unpacking (or rather unpumping) the world of erotic lactation.

I think it’s important to examine every nook and cranny of our sexuality and all the things that can excite us. -Heather Bartos

You’ll also learn; 

  • Why someone would want to try their partner’s breast milk 
  • What goes into inducing breast milk if you aren’t already nursing 
  • The difference between a milk fetish and adult breastfeeding