As we reach the conclusion of our journey together, I am beyond excited to present next to last episode of the SEX Podcast. This week, we embark on a profound exploration of sacred sexuality as we unravel the mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

In our series finale, we confront the myths and misconceptions surrounding femininity head-on. What exactly is the Divine Feminine, and what does it mean to truly embrace it?

Does embracing the Divine Feminine mean conforming to traditional notions of “girlishness,” or does it transcend gender entirely? Can men embody the Divine Feminine as well, and is it rooted in religious beliefs? These are just a few of the questions we address as we dismantle the myths and uncover the truths behind this sacred concept.

Through our discussion, we discover that embracing the Divine Feminine is about tapping into our inner wisdom, intuition, and nurturing energy, regardless of gender or religious affiliation.

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Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Let’s make these last episodes an unforgettable celebration of sacred sexuality and the human experience.