We’ve all heard about the links between UTIs and sex, but just how does a hot night of passion turn into fiery loins of the not-so-sexy variety? Is there a way to veto nasty infections without foregoing getting nasty? 

UTIs have been the bane of sexually active women throughout the ages. Make no mistake, Daphne Bridgerton burned for the Duke of Hastings in more ways than one! However, conversations on how to avoid “honeymoon cystitis” are on the up and up, so there’s no reason to suffer from getting down and dirty anymore. 

In this episode, we’re talking all things UTI, so you can keep being engulfed in the flames of passion, sans the scorching snatch!



“Believe it or not, most UTIs, with time, CAN go away. However, nowadays, none of us can tolerate shit for pissing out acid, so I wouldn’t recommend waiting it out.” -Heather Bartos