Ever since I tried VR with my kid’s Oculus, I can understand that it’s a fun way to play a video game. But Guitar Hero aside, would I ever want to use in the bedroom?

Demand for sex is a constant, but how people go about getting it done has completely changed.

These days, people aren’t paying to play for it like they used to. In 1948, 69 percent of American men reported having at least one experience with a prostitute (this stat shocked me).

By the 1990s, that fell to as little as 15 percent.

Why are fewer people paying for sex? Some blame technology. And now VR porn is coming into the screen.
There are SIX major companies producing VR-related adult content, but at what cost?

Sure, the technology is pricey, but don’t we also lose the ability to connect with real people?

Are we all doomed to end up alone in our parents’ basement with no appetite for real touch?

In this episode, we are driving into the world of VR in the bedroom, Is it game on? Or is it game over.