For many heterosexual women, when we think about sex, the first thing that springs to mind is good old-fashioned penile-vaginal sex, but there are so many other ways to DO it, and oral sex is just one of those. 


However, for some reason, oral sex on women still feels a little taboo to talk about, and as a result, cunnlingus ends up a bit like camp food: we take what we get and don’t complain about it.


Well, ladies, that just ain’t gonna cut it anymore! The question is, how can we get more comfortable with receiving (and actually enjoying) oral sex?


In this episode, I’m going down the list of what needs to happen for oral sex to go from camp food, to a 5-star experience!


There’s no quickie cunnlingus. It is a great dessert, to be enjoyed. –Heather Bartos


Things We Learned From This Episode


  • HOW to receive oral sex (that’s right, we’re getting tactical!)
  • The #1 way to turn your partner into a cunnilinguist
  • The key to moving past the insecurities that stop us from wanting oral pleasure
  • 3 takeaways we all need to know about oral sex
  • The evolutionary reason men perform cunnilingus on women