So I found this sad study that shows people tend to break up after four and a half sexual encounters…

(What the heck is half a sexual encounter, by the way?) 

Well, the sad reality here is that bad sex can break up a relationship.

What does bad sex mean to you & is it enough to say “See ya!”? 

Should you look for your way out or… is there a way to make bad sex better? 

Let’s find out!



I’ll answer these common questions…

-What’s bad sex?

-Can you be happy in a sexless relationship?

-How do you fix bad sex?

-Should I leave your partner because of bad sex?

-Can bad sex be better? How?

-Why is sex tracking important?


“What’s bad sex for women: not enough foreplay, sex was over too fast, women did not finish themselves, dirty sheets, and partners would not go down on them.”


You will learn…

-Bad sex defined

-Sex essentials for women

-Who are the guys who suck in the sack

-Staying or leaving partners because of the quantity and quality of sex

-Helping your partner be better in bed


Grab these takeaways…

  1. Studies have shown that bad sex can break up a relationship
  2. He sucks in the sack is really more the guy that doesn’t have the skill set to really do it for you. 
  3. About three-quarters of women said sex can get better in time.
  4. Half of the women never had an orgasm during sex 
  5. A lot of women stay in a sexless relationship because there is a physical and emotional component to sex. 
  6. Sex tracking can help. Track and see how many times sex had been bad? Identify what kind of bad, then help your partner make it to the next level by showing them or telling them what you want.


Your next best steps…

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