As we continue our talk about relationship discord and how it affects our sense of sexy, we will peep into the life of Stella who found herself discovering her husband’s infidelity of with their babysitter. 

How should we deal with infidelity? What could we expect to go through? Is it possible to fix the marriage after infidelity.

Find out how Stella managed in today’s episode.



I’ll answer these common questions…

-How does infidelity affect relationships?

-Is there a difference between why men and women cheat?

-What will I have to deal with after his infidelity?

-Can my relationship be repaired after he’s been unfaithful?

-What should I do to heal from my partner’s infidelity?


“According to a statistic from the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, 20% of people have admitted to a physical affair and 40% of people have had an emotional affair.”


You will learn…

-The different types of cheating

-The general difference between men’s and women’s infidelity

-The statistics of infidelity in the US

-Physical and emotional affairs

-Psychological traumas around infidelity

-Healing after infidelity


Grab these takeaways…

  1. Fidelity is sexy! 
  2. When a man is unfaithful, it’s common for him to lose his sex appeal.
  3. Cheating can be intercourse, oral sex, emotional affairs, web encounters, or sexting. 
  4. Women tend to have emotional affairs because we’re not really getting what we need at home.
  5. Men tend to have intercourse when they cheat but may have emotional affairs too.
  6. According to statistics, older generations tend to have the highest rates of extra relationship sex. 
  7. More often than not more relationships are repaired after infidelity.
  8. Give yourself some grace. Don’t just go out, sext or revenge, it’s not going to help anything. If you need some help with a mental health provider or a mental health therapist, that is certainly worth it, you are always worth it. 


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