What do you get when you combine masturbation with meditation, add a huge emphasis on female pleasure, and subtract the express goal of climaxing? Any guesses?

You get something known as orgasmic meditation or OM!

You see, female bodies are given this incredible ability to experience pleasure in many ways, but for a myriad of reasons, the space between us and that incredible bliss is huge.

Orgasmic meditation is a way to close that gap, and even though it has the word orgasm in it, it actually has very little to do with getting off. So what’s the tea on mystical practice?

In this episode, I give you a little primer on OM, how it works and why it goes a lot deeper than foreplay.

For women, our relationship to our sexuality is complex, and oftentimes, it feels like our pleasure is a burden. OM prioritizes your pleasure. -Heather Bartos

You’ll also learn;

  • Why it’s high time we closed the pleasure gap 
  • OM’s messy and tea-filled backstory 
  • Climax vs. orgasm (yes, they are different things)