It may seem like the idea of spanking first hit (pun intended) the world when we were introduced to in Christian Gray’s Red Room, but as far back as 2500 years ago, people were partaking in this practice.

Whether it’s caning, flogging, or getting paddled – a lot of people enjoy blurring the lines between pleasure and pain, so much so that it’s become pretty much mainstream. The question is, why does spanking – well…slap? How do you start?

In this episode, we’re going to talk about erotic spanking and why it’s so popular.

Like all BDSM, we want to keep sure that everything is SSC – safe, sane and consensual and we need a safe word. -Heather Bartos  

We also discussed;

  • Proof that the Victorians were a lot kinkier than you thought 
  • All the spanking tools you can test out for a little fun 
  • Spanker and spankee rules of engagement