In my previous episode on painful intercourse, I spoke about the ‘front porch’ pain many ladies experience during sex, but for some women, that discomfort comes from deep within. 


As a result, those going through it tend to avoid deep penetration altogether, but girls, that just ain’t gonna cut it! 


Everyone deserves to enjoy sex, so it’s time to root out those deep-seated mood killers, once and for all! 


In this episode, I’m going all in on deep sex pain, so you never have to experience it again. 



Pain during sex is not a death sentence, but it has to be evaluated. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


  • The Kroger bag analogy you never saw coming 
  • An introduction to your vagina’s very own cul-de-sac 
  • What can cause a SPRAINED vagina (yep, it’s possible!)