There’s a lot of words we use that damage our own self-esteem and there are words that other people use against us. Sometimes we will “yell at ourselves” about our weight, education, successes and failures – we can always find something when we are looking to tear ourselves down. And then you’ll get the “other” person calling you a “B with an itch”, you know the “B word” the “head B in charge”.

Y’all, I love it when I get called a B. It might possibly be my favorite insult. I wear that B like Hester Prynne wore the Scarlet Letter.  Why? Why don’t I get up in arms about being called a B? Let me tell you about being a B and why you might want to be called one too.<

Bs don’t take crap from anyone. The best part of owning your inner B is that you have a basket of Fs and you hand them out judiciously. You recognize that the petty dramas of life ain’t worth your time. Not your circus, not your clowns baby! You don’t add more to your plate because you’re afraid to say no.

Bs speak their mind. If your inner B is buzzing to come out – watch it! Someone is about to get stung. You don’t release the beast for no good reason but when someone kicks the hive it won’t go unchecked. You don’t swallow your pride, stew on anything, or bide your time, and you certainly don’t keep your opinion to yourself. This means that all that anxiety the other chicks are stifling is released and it feels good, and is good, for your mental and physical health.

Bs don’t hem and haw. Why? Because a B does what’s good for her and not everybody else. Yes you are generous and kind and willing to volunteer your time. What you don’t do is put yourself and your wellbeing last. Bs are not doormats.

Bs are not afraid to go on the offensive. They say the best defense is a good offense and Bs can scan the chess board and head off any attacks at the pass. Bs are smart, and skillful, and know how to play the game of life – and win!

Bs own their success. Why should you dim your light for anyone? If you have ideas, drive and ambition and other people can’t keep up, then leave them in the dust – especially if they are trying to hold you back. B’s know that not everyone in their circle is in their corner and treat the haters accordingly.

So the next time someone calls you a B, make sure to thank them. Not every woman can be a B. If you have that extra-special combination of brains, beauty inside and out, drive, and guts – own it! Be the best B you can B – no apologies required!