When a couple says “we’re trying for a baby”, it conjures up images of them having tons of randy, unencumbered sex, but more often than not, that’s far from the case. It’s hard to believe, but very often baby-making sex is the least romantic or titillating type of sex there is.

You see, when sex becomes a duty complete with hormones, tests, temperatures, and complex specifications, it doesn’t make for good foreplay.

The truth is keeping your inner sexy strong when life deals you some chronic lemons is tough, and infertility is no exception. It doesn’t just wreak havoc on you, it can also affect your relationship. So how do you incorporate sexy back into your relationship as you deal with infertility? In this episode, I’ll share how infertility affects your sex life and what you can do about it.

Sex, not for pleasure, but for a purpose, puts tremendous stress on both parties, and most of the time, the fun can leave the building. -Heather Bartos 

You’ll also learn;

  • How infertility affects men and their desire 
  • The double-edged sword of fertility treatments
  • How to stop comparing yourself to people that get pregnant at the drop of a hat