There are plenty of things that are meant to come out of your vagina but I think we can all agree that your guts are not one of them!

While it isn’t a common occurrence, many women have worried about unwelcome spillage at some point during their lives.


As we age, it’s common for our vaginal muscles to weaken.

Luckily YOU have the power to make them stronger!


If you want to learn what happens to your vagina as you get older, the many benefits of vaginal exercises, and how to properly perform a kegel, then this is the episode for you!

Try practicing while you listen – you don’t even have to go to the gym!



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-How do I do a kegel?

-What are the benefits of kegel exercises?

-Can my insides fall out of my vagina?

-When is the best time to do kegels?

-How do I keep my vagina tight and healthy?

-Can kegels make me come harder?


“Stop worrying about your guts falling out of your vagina – it’s not going to happen! Just in case though, a couple kegels a day should put your mind at ease.”


You will learn…

The proper pronunciation of the word kegel

What happens to your vagina as you age and and reach menopause

What a kegel is and how to practice it properly 

How long a kegel contraction should last

The origin of kegels

How doing kegels can help you have better orgasms


Remember these takeaways…

  1. The best time to do a kegel exercise is at a stoplight. Seriously! What better way to spend those couple minutes?!
  2. Remember: Kegel is pronounced like the “bagel” you eat — not the “beagle” you walk.
  3. The proper kegel method is to squeeze everything up and in as if you just ate a bad bowl of chili and need to get to a toilet. Sounds gross but THAT’s the motion you want to channel.
  4. I could be looking directly at you while I’m doing a kegel right now! Make it a fun game you play — I promise not to tell.


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