When it comes to the food world, getting a Michelin Star is a huge accomplishment. 

When you’re the best of the best, you might even earn the highest honor: 3 stars.

A 3 star restaurant means it is absolutely worth a special journey and boasts impeccably prepared cuisine.

I don’t know about you, but that’s the level of precision and expertise I want sprinkled into my sex life!

I want that toe-curling, not rushed, top of the pyramid experience every once and a while. 

Michelin 3 star sex is the best sex of your entire life.


Now, we all know we can’t afford to eat at fancy restaurants every day just like we can’t have the best sex ever at the drop of a hat.

But this kind of sex is worth exploring, and I’m going to tell you about it!

Tune in to this episode to learn about what makes Michelin 3 star sex special, why it makes you feel so dang good, and how to keep it sacred!



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-Should I expect amazing sex every time?

-Is sex better the longer it lasts?

-How can I have the best sex of my life?

-What should I do if sex isn’t satisfying?

-How can I have more intimate sex?


“If you were having the best sex of your life every day then it wouldn’t be the best sex of your life! It’s important to keep some perspective.”


You will learn…

-Neurotransmitters released during exceptional sex

-How to reproduce Michelin 3-star sex at home

-Unrealistic expectations when it comes to amazing sex and how to overcome them

-How to keep fantastic sex sacred

-How to release sex-limiting beliefs and come to bed as your authentic self


Remember these takeaways…

  1. You deserve to have that toe-curling, moan-inducing, hot-daaaammnnnn kind of sex in your life!
  2. The only way you’re going to have the best sex of your life is by communicating what you want and need. Speak up!
  3. Sex isn’t ALWAYS going to result in those huge fireworks kind of orgasms, and that’s ok! It makes the times it does even more special.
  4. This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy – you can’t just go having steamy sex in stairwells willy nilly. Instead, carve out some time to make it special and connect with your partner.


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