Do you remember TV dinners?

I used to love popping a tray in the microwave, settling down in front of the television for my favorite show, and enjoying my little serving of pasta and a brownie or whatever it was.

It was a table setting for one, something I could enjoy aaalllll by myself. 

You might be saying, “What does this have to do with anything, Dr B?!”


Well, sex is just as important as eating, and it can also be enjoyed solo.

In fact, I’m here to encourage you to engage in what I like to call TV Dinner Sex on a regular basis!


If you want to know what I mean by that, then this is the episode for you. You’ll also get clued in to why solo sex is an act of self love, how long it takes women to get off alone vs with a partner, and more!



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-What are some of the benefits of solo sex?

-Can I masturbate if I’m in a relationship?

-Do women orgasm faster on their own?

-Will masturbating lower my sex drive?

-Is masturbation healthy?


“Most of us start off our sexual lives with solo pleasure. I call this “TV dinner sex,” and you still deserve to chow down on it even if you’re in a relationship.”


You will learn…

The first of five different types of sex every woman should be having

The definition of “TV dinner sex” and why you should be engaging in it 

How to enjoy getting yourself off alone

Why solo sex is just as important as sex with a partner

How to be a more rounded sexual individual


Remember these takeaways…

  1. Did you know there’s a food pyramid AND a sex pyramid? The key to both is balance.
  2. Remember, no one knows what you like to eat more than you do. The same is true of what you like in bed!
  3. Self pleasure is an act of self love!
  4. People tend to think that the more you masterbate the less you’ll want to engage with your partner, but this is bullsh*t!


Your next best step now is…

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