More and more women are deciding to give up sex for good, but is that good for us? Why would we want to quit in the first place, and are there any benefits to giving up, well, giving it up?


When a sex symbol like Jane Fonda goes on the record about kicking sex like it’s a bad habit, it can be a little confusing for the rest of us. However, whether we choose to have sex or not is a choice only we can make: we just need to know we’re doing it for the right reasons. 


In this episode, we’re talking about what it means to quit sex “for good”- and how to know if you’re really over it. 



Women could give up sex, but we have to come at the decision from a positive, empowering place. -Heather Bartos


You’ll learn about:

  • When it’s a good idea to put our sex life on pause
  • How to keep feeling sexy AF without having physical sex
  • How the pandemic has changed the way we view sex
  • Why we need to keep checking in on what we want