In decades past, women used the cliche of a headache to get out of sex, but what happens when you get headaches while you’re getting it on…like for real? 

Yes, sex headaches are a real thing – a lot of people experience them, and no you don’t have to blueball yourself to avoid them. In most cases, it’s not a sign of anything serious and it can be fixed. 

So what actually causes sex headaches, and what the frick do we do about them? In this episode, I talk about a condition people experience that we need to talk more about.



After you’ve ruled out the bad, scary things, and you’ve decided not that not having sex, blueballing yourself or laying there like a Victorian housewife isn’t an option, there is prescription medication that can work for sex headaches. -Heather Bartos  


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • What causes the different types of sex headaches 
  • The WORST sex headache advice people need to stop giving women 
  • Why you shouldn’t have to blueball yourself to prevent a headache