Want to hear one of the horniest teeny obsessions dominating our sex lives this year?

Pegging-anal penetration with a strap-on (named fetish of the year-who comes up with these?)

Yes, pegging is moving mainstream, friends, just like rimming and other bootylicious fetishes. 

But it’s not new (although the term “pegging” was first introduced in 2001.)

The 2010s saw a handful of notable pegging moments in pop culture, including the famed Ryan Reynolds scene in 2016’s Deadpool.

And who could forget 2022’s news of Prince William’s supposed fascination with it-hypothetically the “Prince of Pegging?”

But (hehe), 2023 isn’t all about dildos in buttholes. It’s about saying “F” you to any societal shame or stigma that’s holding you back from embracing your sexuality and feeling empowered to explore your desires to their fullest extent. 

Let’s celebrate the Year of the Peg! If your curiosity is royally piqued… strap it on for this week’s episode to hear all about Pegging, cuz it ain’t just for royalty anymore, sis.