When it comes to self-pleasure, the booty is often the butt of the joke (hehe), but now that we live in such butt-centric times, it’s worth seriously exploring the world of anal masturbation.

Why? Well, the bottom line is…the butt and its surrounds are actually pretty primed for pleasure, and if you know how to play, a solo trip to bootayville might just be your new favorite thing to do.

So what are the rules of engagement in anal masturbation? In this episode, I talk about adding anal play to your solo sessions.

The anal opening and canal have a wealth of nerve-endings that are truly primed for pleasure. -Heather Bartos 

You’ll also learn;

  • Why the key to anal self-pleasure is lube, lube, glorious lube 
  • How to prepare yourself for a booty play sesh 
  • The quick and not-so-dirty guide to anal sex toys